Free Background Checks

When hiring a new employee for a business, especially when hiring for a position that requires confidentiality or the handling of large amounts of cash, it may be an intelligent decision for you to run a background check on potential candidates before offering them a position.

Background checks before hiring

Unfortunately we live in a world where not everyone can be trusted. Thousand of criminals are released from state and federal prisons everyday and many of those will be out looking for jobs. Most of them understand that it is going to be difficult to find employment with their past records, and for good reason. However, that also means that once you hire one criminal without a background check, it will not be long before many more start applying after word has gotten out.

You may not be able to believe it but there are actual lists of employers that circulate both the internet and social services agencies that specialize in helping released inmates find employment. If you do a significant amount of hiring and do so without a background check, you can almost be sure your companies name will be on one of those lists.

Free background check vs professional background check

You may have held off on doing background checks for a number of reasons. One main reason is that many employers do not want to pay the cost of running a background check on each of its potential candidates. However, there are ways to in a sense get a free background check of your potential employees with a little more work on the employer’s part.

Loads of free information databases exist on the internet. From this information you can verify a person’s age, check to see if they are a sex offender in one of the many free sex offender search databases, search criminal records, discover driving records, or even in some cases see judgments and liens that may reside on a person’s records.

You may that searching through all these databases will take up too much of your time and make it not worth it. That may be true, but that is why sometimes it is better just to pay the fees then spend your time looking for free ways to do a background check.

You may tell yourself that your business can’t afford it, but can you really afford not to? Your business thrives on how it is viewed by potential customers and the way that it is run by its employees. If your customers were to find out who you hire, or if those you hire turn out to steal from you or worse, you will be losing a lot more than just a fee to a background check company.