Find Missing People

When someone that you care about does not show up to an appointment like they were supposed to or just completely disappears it can be a scary experience. If this happens to you here are a couple options for you in starting the process to find them.

First off it is important to stay calm. Check and make sure that there are no notes or messages that you may have missed on your voicemail. Check your email and anywhere else you can think of where the person may have left a note for you saying where they were going.

After you have checked for any sign of a note you may want to call around to friends or other family members who the missing person may spend time with or currently be visiting. Ask them if they have seen the missing person and if so, when. Gathering as much information as possible is critical

Next be sure that you have the correct information. Did you write down the wrong time? Did you forget that they had a business trip or a school function? Before calling any authority it is important that you do your own search. Law Enforcement officials are very busy with case loads twenty four hours a day. It’s always important to be sure that you did not miss something or forget something before contacting the proper officials to report a missing person as this will take up precious time that officers need to work on other cases where a person might actually be missing.

 When to file a Missing Persons report

Once you are absolutely sure that the person is missing it is time to call the police. Be sure to have a recent picture of the missing person handy as police will need that to help assist them in finding them. Be sure to also present all the information you have found out thus far from your own searching and calling around to the police officer so that they have as much information as possible to help them in their search.

If the missing person is a child, especially a child under the age of twelve, you may want to skip directly to calling the police and reporting them missing. Small children do not have many options for getting out of the house, so if they are nowhere to be found in the near vicinity chances are there is a serious problem.

As long as you stay calm and take the suggested steps towards locating your missing person, hopefully you should be able to locate them and bring them home safe and sound in the shortest amount of time possible.