Find People in Canada

Whether you have been thinking a lot lately about someone you went to high school with, or you are trying to track down someone who owes you money, sometimes you just need to locate people.

There are a lot of different options available on the internet that have turned this process into a much easier endeavor and have also made the process much less expensive. It used to be that if you needed to track somebody down you would need to hire a private detective. That detective would then have to do all the research. That research can now be done with the simple click of a button and for a lot less money.

First steps in finding someone

First you need to try to narrow down your search area. If you know the persons name Canada411 is a great place to start. Not to mention its service is free. Canada 411 goes one step further in helping you find people in Canada by also offering searches by phone number and then once you locate and address will even give you directions on how to get there.  

Infospace is another great company to help you find people in Canada. Similar to Canada411, infospace allows you to use single details such as first name, last name, or phone number to locate and address or phone number for the individual you are looking for. This service is also free.

Wink is also a great service that allows you to do a search for people in Canada. Wink has the same features as infospace and Canada411, but offers and additional service of suggesting similar spellings or names that are close to the name you are looking for when you type in your name into the search box.

Other options for a people search

Sometimes if you cannot find the persons name through a directory service like those that have been listed above, you can also try just a basic Google search for their name. This quite often will turn up other sources of information that could have been missed by a directory service, or that a directory service may not even have access to.

Hiring a professional people finder

If you are still unsuccessful you may need to take further steps by hiring a professional to help with your search. However, in most cases a simple search on the internet will turn up the person you are looking for.