Finding People in Germany

You just got back from your dream trip to Germany and once you got home you realized that you had forgotten to get the contact information of the new friends that you met while staying at a bed and breakfast in the countryside. How are you ever going to locate their information with them being so far away from you in Germany?

Some options for finding people in Germany

Your first option when trying to locate people in Germany is 411 assistance. 411 is not only used in North America, but they also keep a large directory of international contacts as well. Just call up 411 in the regular way and ask for international directory assistance. Once you have reached international assistance, inform them that you are looking for someone in Germany and provide the names of those you are looking for.

Your next option for locating people in Germany is through a German phone directory. Directories such as Das Telefonbuch (white pages), Europages, and are great resources for locating information for citizens of Germany by using only their first and last name.

You may also want to try a German email directory search. This may not turn up a phone number or address, but if the people you are looking for have an email address, you may be able to locate it and email them for their contact information.

More advanced searches

If none of these options work and you have a very valid reason for trying to locate someone within Germany, you may also try contacting the Red Cross of Germany. Many times in the right situations the Red Cross of Germany will use its resources in their database to help you track down the information that you need to contact the person that you are looking for.

If there is still no record of the person you are looking for you can try hiring a private detective who specializes in international searches. In most cases you will either find the information easily through the options listed above, or it may not be important enough to hire a detective, but it’s good to know that the option is there if you need it.

It’s great to know that even when you are trying to locate people internationally there are still resources available. This information is exactly what you need to be able to track down the contact info of people that you may not have seen for many years, or just met and forgot to exchange information.