How to Find and Locate People

At some point in time we all reach a time in our lives where we start to miss people that we grew up with or that were close to us for parts of our lives. This can implant a great desire to reunite contact with those people, but where do you start?

In the past, doing a search for people would quite often require hiring a professional at a steep hourly fee to do the research for you and track down whoever you were looking for. Luckily, now there is the internet which searches through literally tons of documents in as little time as it takes to click the mouse button.

Searching through reunion sites and public records

Great places to start when you are searching for people are reunion websites. Sites such as keep a wide listing and actively try to update class lists and information for every high school in the nation. After a quick registration process you will be able to search for people that went to your school, or any other school in the nation.

Next would be to look at public records sites. These differ in costs from free to a small fee but are well worth the cost to locate public government information such as addresses or phone number for anyone that you may be looking for.

Other internet sites to check

The next place to look would be an info site such as 411. With even just a last name you can find a list of addresses and phone numbers that are available for you to search through. Usually it is much easier to search with a first and last or a last and city since the database is quite large and can return a lot of results if you lack a lot of information.

A final place to look is just a simple Google search. By typing in the name of who you are looking for you will allow Google to skim just about every part of the internet for a document containing that person name. From that you can synthesize the information and find your person.

When to hire a professional

Not all people have a presence on the internet whether through a lack of public information or just a keen eye for keeping their information private. If that is the case you may need to hire a professional to help you access information that may not be available to you.