Search a Person

In the course of a police officers duties, they will act some point be required to search a person. With the personal body search that police officers use on suspects, it is very common to come across all manner of recalcitrant individuals who refuse to allow a body search, or finding out after you search a person that they are armed with a gun or a knife. With the endless difficulties associated with simply attempting to search a person, it is not surprising that police officers take extraordinary caution while performing these types of body searches. In fact, many crimes are discovered only after taking the time to search a person and locating illegal items on their body. With the mandatory body search, police find many illegal substances from this effort to search a person that would otherwise go undiscovered. This effort to locate contraband by making the effort to search a person requires that the officer be subjected to a lengthy training course dedicated to learning how to properly search a person.

In the course of the search a person training, it is only natural to pick up some new skills and habits that the average individual does not know. With the training that goes into becoming a police officer, learning to search a person is some of the basic course requirements that allow the officer to graduate from the academy. With the effort to improve the police officers skills and abilities, the courses that focus on the search a person skills are some of the most important in the law-enforcement community. Without being able to effectively search a person and come up with the illegal contraband that is required to prosecute a case, the officer can quite often overlook illegal contraband and leave their suspect holding drugs, guns or knives without even knowing it. With so many new ways of smuggling in the modern day, the effort to search a person has taken on a new level of effort so as to ascertain whether or not individuals are carrying illegal contraband.

With all of this effort involved in learning to search a person, it is easy to see that the police officers are concerned with not only their own safety, but the safety of others who might come in contact with their suspect. As the suspect will very quickly attempt to get rid of any contraband that they might be holding, it is important to search a person before they get the chance to make this attempt at ridding themselves of illegal contraband. Locating contraband can only be performed when you take the effort to search a person. Without this effort, illegal substances will very likely not be found at all.