Searching for Military Personnel

It is often more difficult to conduct a military person search than searching for civilians. This level of difficulty is due to several factors. The first factor is that when based in the United States, military personnel often move around quite frequently and with very little notice. The second factor is that military personnel often deploy to far away locations for length periods of time. The third factor is that military personnel are at times assigned to long-term non-deployment overseas assignments. No matter the reason for your military person search, it is important to understand why such a search may be difficult and what you can do to attain successful results.

Begin with public records and the internet

An old saying cautions against making a mountain out of a molehill. As you undertake your military person search, you should first use any search techniques you would use on a civilian, as it may turn out that the military person you seek is not all that hard to find. To begin this phase of your search, start by look at the last known information about the individual and begin looking through public records in that location. If you have no reliable information on what location to use as your starting point, rely upon internet based people search engines to jumpstart your quest by searching all available public records.

Contacting military sources

If public record searches do not help you to conduct your military person search, you can then begin contacting military installations for any information they may have on the personnel you are seeking. Begin with the last known assignment for the individual. If you are not located near this base, you can conduct all of your research through the internet and make contact either through email or by phone. Depending on the circumstances behind your military person search, you may be able to locate information easily…or may have to take additional steps.

Other sources of personnel locating services

If you have not found the individual you seek through direct contact with military installations, there are government, non profit and investigative entities that you can contact for assistance. Depending on whether you are facing an emergency situation or whether you simply aim to get back in contact or seek information, these organizations can help you with just a little bit of time and effort. It is sometimes time intensive to undertake a military person search, but with patience and perseverance, you will be able to get in contact.