In the earliest days of the nation, there was very little federal oversight into criminal activities. As time rolled on and the nation became more and more integrated, there became a need for a federally-based police system. With this type of legal law enforcement system in place, the government can operate for more effectively and efficiently. Naturally, this led to the formation of the Federal Bureau of investigation. In the early days, the FBI was little more than an office with some extremely talented law enforcement agents, who would respond to crimes around the country of a certain nature. At any point, when a federal crime was committed, the FBI would roll into action and bring in whatever criminals were active in whatever part of the country they were operating in. With this method of crossing judiciary and jurisdictional lines, the FBI was capable of prosecuting crimes that otherwise might have slipped through the cracks of local police force and personnel.

The new FBI

As time wore on, the FBI saw all manner of changes and a different method of pursuing criminals. With the utilization of two-way radios and a centralized dispatch system, the FBI became more and more modernized, with all manner of cutting edge equipment and prosecution technology. With this new, modernized equipment, the FBI was able to do their job much more efficiently and effectively. The ability to communicate over miles and miles with a radio was a boon to law-enforcement personnel who were unable to catch some of the criminals who used souped-up cars and knew the back roads and mountainous territories of some of the states far better than any FBI personnel could ever imagine. With the simple and effective implementation of the two-way radio, suddenly the FBI was able to set up roadblocks, ambushes and perform all manner of covert operations with a simple radio. While we might take this radio for granted in the modern day, at the time, it was cutting edge technology.

Modern Day FBI

The modern-day FBI has moved far beyond the simple two-way radio and fast cars of the agents of yesteryear. In the modern day, FBI agents have the latest high-tech gear, computers and infrastructure that makes all the difference when prosecuting cases around the country. From Mafia dons down to low-level drug dealers and informants, the FBI has all manner of high-tech gear to help them corral the bad guy with minimal effort. With the modern-day FBI, there is very little chance that they will be unable to prosecute their suspect once they have set up on their trail.