Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

When facing a federal crime it is important that you have a competent federal criminal defense attorney on your side to help argue your case for you. Many law firms may practice state criminal law and claim to practice both, but it is important to get a defense attorney who has experience in the federal courts as it is a different process than the state court systems.

It is important to understand that any attorney can represent you in federal or state court. However, many choose to only practice in one or the other and for very good reason. When looking at state courts, each state has a different way of running their systems. However, with Federal court is unanimously the same process regardless of where the court is located out of.

When you need a Federal Criminal Attorney

When would you need a federal attorney instead of a state attorney? State crimes are any crime that solely happens within a state without crossing state lines or involving national security. A federal crime is any crime that crosses over a state line or involves anything to do with the post office, federal tax preparation, the internet, or the military. If the latter is the case, you will need to be represented by an attorney who specializes in federal cases.

Choosing a Federal Criminal Attorney

The first thing you will want to check when finding a federal criminal defense attorney is whether they offer assistance with grand jury investigations before a formal indictment. This may happen before you actually appear in court but nonetheless it is important to involve a lawyer before your investigation even begins. Before you talk to any federal agent you will want to request an attorney, even if you know you are not guilty.

Next check to see that they offer expertise in the crime you are facing. Most federal criminal defense attorney will specialize in most everything including white collar crimes, federal drug crimes, child pornography trafficking, healthcare fraud, and internet crimes. However if you are facing military charges or terrorism charges you may want to find an attorney with a proven track record in those areas.

When looking for an attorney you are going to want to find one who will be there from the moment you are brought in for questioning all the way through to the verdict or sentencing. This is why it’s so important to start out with a federal defense attorney from the beginning rather than change council part way through the process.