Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers

Crime rates raise and lower in cities all over the United States on a daily basis. That is why an ever increasing job field in Florida is for the position of a criminal defense lawyer.

What does a defense lawyer do?

A Florida criminal defense lawyer is someone who represents suspected criminals who are about to go to trial for their supposed crimes, or criminals who are going through the appeals process for crimes they have already been convicted of.

Criminal defense lawyers work with their clients from day one to help them understand the exact situation that they are in, what the possible outcomes are, and then design a criminal defense plan in how they plan to help their clients. This plan may be proving their client not guilty or making plea deals to lower their client’s sentences.

What it takes to become a Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

Becoming a Florida criminal defense lawyer can be both a rewarding and taxing career choice. It can be incredibly rewarding to help prove the innocence of one of your clients. However if can be quite difficult to still stand with a client and help them get a lesser sentence when you know in your heart that they are guilty of the crime, especially if the crime is particularly heinous.

If you are still interested in becoming a lawyer in Florida there is a three step process. First, you must graduate a pre-law degree program at a four year degree granting institution. Next, you must get accepted to law school. This is why it is so important to work hard at your four year degree program as acceptance to law school is incredibly competitive. It can be helpful to attend a college that has both a four year degree program as well as a law school on the same campus to help the process along.

The first two steps you can do in any state that is convenient to you. However, if you plan to practice in Florida you will need to pass the state specific Florida BAR exam. The reason why it is state specific is that each state has their own sets of rules and laws and as such you will need to be tested on those specific laws.

After following each of these steps you will be well on your way to helping clients in Florida as they try to negotiate their way through the Florida legal system.