Law Enforcement Equipment

Throughout the world at any moment there are thousands of brave individuals serving their cities and their communities by fighting crime and enforcing the laws. This can be a thankless and dangerous job for many which is why the equipment that is used by these law enforcement agents is so critical.

Main pieces of Law Enforcement Equipment

The first piece of law enforcement equipment that plays an important role in task of fighting crime is of course a gun. In very few districts are officers allowed to carry their own personal gun and in most cases they will be issued one, usually along the lines of a SIG P220 or a M9 Baretta.

The next piece of important law enforcement equipment is the patrol car. Most areas choose to use a modified Crown Victoria, however in recent years areas have expanded to using Chevy Blazers, Dodge Chargers, Chevy Impalas and even the occasional BMW or Porsche for undercover vehicles or special programs.

Another important piece of law enforcement equipment is the taser gun and pepper spray. In every case police officers try to use non-lethal methods in their day to day duties. Only in extreme circumstance will an officer choose to fire their gun at a suspect instead of using a non-lethal weapon such as their pepper spray or taser. However, if the officer feels that themselves or others in the area are at risk of lethal harm, they can and will use their side arms. 

Tools for securing suspects

Another important piece of law enforcement equipment is equipment used to secure a suspect. In most cases these are handcuffs. Handcuffs have been the most widely recognized tool of the law enforcement trade as well as the prison system and other security agencies.

Other important equipment

As for protective law enforcement equipment an officer will almost always wear a bullet proof vest. Officers are always in the line of fire so it is imperative that they have some amount of protective clothing in case a suspect opens fire on them. A bullet proof vest is that first line of defense.

Law enforcement officers also rely on a host of miscellaneous tools to help them daily in their jobs. These include, but are not limited to, the use of flashlights, night vision goggles, badge and identification, batons, gloves, knife, multi-tool, radio, sirens and lights, and additional ammo.

Each of these tools play a part in keeping us safe as well as keeping the officer safe in their day to day duties of making sure that justice is done.