Law Enforcement Magazines

Just like in any other field, the field of law enforcement officers needs to keep up with the trends, technology, and stories of everything that is going on around the world as it relates to crime and the enforcement of laws. This is when law enforcement magazines play a large part in that education.

Most Popular Law Enforcement Magazines

The first of these magazines is POLICE magazine. POLICE won the Maggie award best public safety magazine for 2008 and features national stories involving new and developing firmware and technology. The publication also looks at the evolving world of legal structure and laws.

The next important magazine in the law enforcement market is designated towards dispatchers and that is 9-1-1 magazine. This magazine features photo, dispatch stories, real 9-1-1 calls, and a host of resources to the world of 9-1-1 emergency calls throughout the United States.

Specialized Magazines

The corrections market also has a large amount of magazines to choose from in relation to their side of the law enforcement field. These publications include, Correctional News, Corrections Forum Magazine, and Corrections today. Corrections today is considered the most widely read as it is produced by the ACA (American Correctional Association).

The FBI also has their own set of magazines such as the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin that tackles the daily issues and advancements as related to federal law enforcement. It is available for anyone to read by logging on to the FBI’s website but is specifically aimed at those within the federal law enforcement field.

The Emergency teams such as fire and ambulance also have their own set of publications with magazines that specifically cater to issues and new technologies that come with the service of emergency response.

Each part of the law enforcement field also has their own sub category of magazine that is specifically marketed to them. There are magazines on the market that cater to the juvenile justice system, women on the force, road detail, security teams, swat teams, tactical response units, terrorism response units, and just about every other law enforcement sub category there is.

It is comforting to know that in a world that changes its technologies and laws everyday, that there are magazines and journals that aim to educate and inform those that work within this vital field to keep them at the top of their game and the best in the world.