Law Enforcement Resume

Anyone who is looking for a new job or seeking a promotion in their current job needs a resume that will show their relevant background experience as well as highlight the special skills they can bring to the position they seek.  A law enforcement resume is an absolutely essential document to have for anyone seeking a position as a police officer or an enforcement agent for a variety of government agencies.  To construct a resume that is most likely to bring about good job offers and desired promotions, it is necessary to follow several simple steps.

Well rounded resume writing

First, a law enforcement resume should not merely list the every day duties that a police officer undertakes.  Chances are that those are the very same duties that most other police officers have assigned to themselves as well, and so a listing like that will not capture the attention of anyone viewing the resume.  Instead of simply listing daily duties, it is necessary for a law enforcement resume to instead list accomplishments for which the officer is known.  If the officer has participated in any particularly high level, important or memorable stings, arrests, court cases, or other duties out of the ordinary, they should be explained as succinctly as possible in order to highlight aptitude and accomplishment.

Second, a law enforcement resume should strive to incorporate items that may be outside of the realm of police work.  It is good to show that an officer is well rounded and has participated in non-law related opportunities such as volunteerism or community activism.  In addition, if the officer has specifically worked as a liaison between their own department and another agency or entity, that information is useful to display on a law enforcement resume.

Include any special law enforcement education or training

Finally, a law enforcement resume should positively highlight the skills and education that has made the officer successful in their current and past positions and that will aid them in future positions.  Any enrichment courses taken beyond degree work should be listed as relevant training.  Any community-based classes should be incorporated as well.  When listing skills, the officer should not simply list those skills that every officer possesses, but instead those that demonstrate all-around fitness for the position they are seeking.  Computer skills, negotiation skills, training and presentation skills and any other skills beyond those necessary for daily duties should be highlighted.  By following these three simple steps, a successful law enforcement resume can help an officer find a terrific new position.