Law Enforcement Training

Whether you are already a commissioned peace officer, seek to become one in the future, or merely a concerned member of your community, law enforcement training is a valuable opportunity to learn important skills.  Law enforcement training can be as basic as courses offered to the community as a whole, can take the form of undergraduate classes at a university, or can be offered in a law enforcement setting specifically to train new officers and providing continuing education opportunities to officers more senior.

Law Enforcement Training for seasoned officers

If you are already a commissioned peace officer, you can continue to seek law enforcement training that will keep you at the leading edge of legal knowledge.  Continuing education classes can not only help you to learn more about new laws and practices, but can also be valuable opportunities to network with other police officers.  In addition, continuing education classes can enable you to fulfill the requirements of your peace officer commission.  As you progress within your agency, law enforcement training can help you to be ready to take on new areas of responsibility and expertise.

Required training for new officers

If you seek to become a commissioned peace officer, there is nothing more important than obtaining law enforcement training.  If you are enrolled in a community college or university, it is likely that law enforcement classes are offered at your institution.  You can often take these classes as a part of a degree in criminal justice, or as stand-alone educational opportunities.  If you are not currently enrolled in school, many areas have police academies that you can attend.  If you have already been hired by a law enforcement agency, it is likely that they will pay for your training.  If you have not yet been hired or are having difficulty finding an agency to work for, it may be beneficial to pay to attend law enforcement training on your own.

Training for concerned citizens

As a concerned member of your community, albeit not a peace officer, you may be interested in learning more about how the legal system in your area works or the specific procedures followed by the police.  Many areas offer citizen law enforcement training.  Not as long or intense as that training that a commissioned peace officer must undergo, these classes nonetheless provide valuable information.  Through them, you can learn more about local initiatives, the needs and resources of the local police, as well as what citizens can do to join in and remain active members of their community.