Milwaukee Police Academy

Deciding to devote your life to a career in law enforcement can be a difficult decision to reach. Now that you have determined that you would like to pursue a law enforcement career, it is time to begin looking into the training that you will need to successfully become a police officer. Whether you will be joining the Milwaukee police academy on your own or will be sponsored by a police entity, it is helpful to know what to expect and how you can maximize your time in training to become the best police officer possible.

Training includes the classroom and the field

When you enter the Milwaukee police academy, you should be prepared to undergo both classroom and field training. Becoming a police officer is an arduous task, and so training cannot be accomplished in a short period of time. Rather, you will go through an extensive amount of training to ensure that when you become a commissioned peace officer, you are fully ready to take on the responsibility of serving and protecting your community.

To enforce the law, you have to learn it

When you begin classroom training through the Milwaukee police academy, some of the most important coursework you will have is learning the laws that you will be charged to uphold. You will not simple memorize the wording of state and locate statutes, however. It is more important that you learn the reasoning and background for having certain laws in place. Knowing why you are enforcing a law will make you more effective at upholding it when you encounter potential violations. As a part of your classroom training, you will also learn the proper techniques to uphold the laws you are charged to enforce. Not all enforcement is cut and dried in black and white, and so knowing when and how to cite violations is very important.

Field instruction is paramount

Outside of the classroom, you will begin learning about a variety of topics that will both keep you safe as a police officer as well as make you the most effective officer possible. Your Milwaukee police academy instructors will help you to heighten your knowledge of firearms use, and when it is appropriate and not appropriate to discharge your weapon. You will go through marksmanship training so that you can effectively protect yourself with your weapon as necessary. In addition, you will learn about non-lethal uses of force, including self defense techniques, baton usage, and about tasers. There is a huge body of knowledge you must encounter before becoming a commissioned peace officer, but your time at the Milwaukee police academy will prepare you to serve well in the future.