Disability Insurance Attorney

The Social Security Administration faces a severe backlog. It can take as long as two years before some claimants get their benefits. You may need to seek some form of shelter or aid while you are waiting for your claim to be settled. Your disability insurance attorney can advise you in this matter.

A good disability insurance attorney will aim to make the process of getting benefits for you as rapid as possible. If you are evicted while waiting for your case to be resolved, be sure to keep any and all records of the eviction. If you leave out of an inability to pay rent, have your landlord write a letter giving the exact date when you had to leave your home due to your inability to pay rent. Not only may this impact the settlement but your attorney may make a “Dire Need Request” to Social Security to get your case heard quickly.

Choosing a Disability Insurance Attorney

The process of obtaining benefits is difficult, complex and lengthy. It also involves the risk of having your claim denied. An effective disability insurance attorney can reduce the risk of your claim being denied.

Make sure you choose an experienced attorney who does nothing but disability insurance cases. If you are pursuing federal disability insurance benefits through social security, be certain your lawyer has lots of experience handling claims for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). They will be able to accurately evaluate your case and effectively pursue it. The disability insurance attorney you select should have a high success rate in claims, administrative hearings, and also appeals. Success rates of over 8 out of ten in past case are not unheard of.

Choose a Law Firm With An Effective Process

Employer disability insurance, state disability insurance, and federal SSI and SSDI disability insurance claims can involve vast quantities of paperwork and tight deadlines, as well as reams of proof and extensive documentation. Your disability insurance attorney should be prepared to deal with the Social Security Administration, administrative hearing judges, state agencies, state courts, and the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. Your chosen lawyers and their staff need to have the training, experience, to handle these processes in the most efficient manner. Additionally, their firm needs to have the processes in place and infrastructure to handle these processes in the most efficient manner.