Disability Lawyer New York

New York state disability pays financial benefits to employees with disabilities when the disability in question is not a work-related injury or illness. Benefits start on the eighth consecutive day of disability. Most employers provide payments for disability benefits, according to New York State law. New York state law does not cover some workers, such as Federal, State, and City government employees, as well as Board of Education employees. Some teachers in private institutions are covered by agreement with their schools instead.

New York disability will pay fifty percent of your average weekly wages based on your wages during your last eight weeks of employment, up to a maximum payment of $170 a week. The benefits will be paid for 26 weeks, starting from the first day of disability. Your employer’s insurance company will pay you directly, mailing you a check every two weeks.

Benefits of a Disability Lawyer

New York state or Social Security disability laws may necessitate that you employ the services of a disability lawyer. A lawyer is not required to file for benefits but could significantly improve your chances when you apply. Even if you do not choose to hire a lawyer, you may choose to hire one later if your case is initially denied and you intend to appeal. You may also find a disability lawyer useful if you have been discriminated against in any way because of a disability.

When you employ a disability lawyer in New York you they will assist you in many ways. They will apply their knowledge of both state and federal disability laws when assisting you. They will make sure you have the right information, and that your information is complete, and address your questions or concerns.

Statistically, those who choose to employ a lawyer have a better chance of success. Neither the Social Security Administration (SSA) nor the state of New York require you to have an attorney, you are allowed to represent yourself.

Hiring a Lawyer for Your Appeal

If you are told that, regardless of your pain and suffering, you are not disabled and should be able to work, take comfort in the fact that your chances of being initially rejected are very high, and select a qualified lawyer for you appeal. This will increase your chances of success upon re-applying.

Paying Your Attorney

Disability Lawyers in New York typically only get paid when you win, and the SSA and/or state approves your claim.