New York Disability Insurance

One of the hardest occurrences to prepare for in life is your own physical disability. Unfortunately, however, thousands of individuals become disabled each and every year. Those individuals who have planned ahead for unforeseen circumstances can maintain many aspects of their pre-disability life through the collection of disability insurance. Don’t let yourself be caught with your pants down – learn about your options for New York disability insurance today.

Obtaining disability insurance

You have a variety of options when it comes to New York disability insurance. To determine what options best fit your own circumstances, it is necessary to examine certain aspects of your own life. First, do you work for an employer who offers either primary or supplementary disability insurance? If so, does the employer cover the cost of this insurance, or will you have to contribute to or pay for the entire premium? If your employer does not offer disability insurance, you can look into private New York disability insurance coverage. Depending on your age, health and finances, plans can be arranged that are affordable and practical for your unique situation.

Determining the best way to collect

When it becomes necessary for you to begin drawing New York disability insurance, there are also several factors to consider. First, how did you come to be disabled? If it was a direct result of the work you undertake at your job, you may be covered by Worker’s Compensation, instead of disability insurance. In addition to disability insurance offered by your employer or that you may have obtained privately, the State of New York also offers disability coverage. To determine your exact eligibility, you will need to maintain close contact with your employer as well as representatives from your insurance carriers and potential the state disability office to ensure that you are paid the full amount of New York disability insurance that you are entitled to.

Potential collection for the unemployed

If you are not employed at the time that you become disabled, you may still be covered by New York disability insurance. Government funded disability insurances covers workers who have been recently laid off in addition to currently working employees. Private disability insurance may still be payable to you during your period of disablement if you are unable to seek new work or accept job offers. In order to avoid the financial strain that can be caused by the lack of an income, it is important to prepare ahead of time and obtain adequate New York disability coverage that will help you in times of need.