DUI Attorney California

If you are charged with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in the state of California, you must take the charge very seriously. A conviction for a DUI in California will have long-lasting consequences. You will, in effect, have a criminal record, which can affect your employment, your future, and your freedom.

Carefully Choose Your DUI Attorney

California DUI law and courtroom proceedings can be a challenge. Hiring a qualified California DUI attorney or lawyer whose practice focuses entirely on California DUI defense can make a difference in the outcome of your case. Make sure you have a DUI Attorney that really knows DUI defense and the California DUI law.

Your first DUI Charge In California

There are all sorts of variables to consider when considering a first-offender’s DUI case in California, there are all sorts of variables. A first-time offender in San Francisco, for example, may face a $1,3000 fine, 3 years’ informal probation, 3-5 days community service, a 12, 32 or 45 hour First Offender DUI school, and six months’ license suspension.

If the DUI charge is reduced to a ‘wet reckless’ the fine is lower and the course is 12 hours. If you want a restricted license, the DMV will still require a completion certificate for the First Offender Program. Without a savvy lawyer, that the DMV only will accept a 3-month program rather than the 12-hour program.

California DUI Complications

The complete separate actions in the court and DMV do not influence each other at all. It is possible to get your license back in your DMV hearing and then get convicted in court, in which case what happens to your license gets very complicated. You could also be found innocent in court and still face a license suspension from the DMV.

With the court conviction, you are allowed to get a restricted license after your 30 day ‘hard’ suspension. This allows you to drive to and from work, in the course of your employment, and to and from your DUI class.

The labyrinth of complications requires a good lawyer to minimize your suspension time as you get passed back and forth between the court and the DMV.

DMV Hearings In California

The suspension will be ‘stayed’ for six months, or until your hearing is held. According to California laws, you will have a license unless and until you lose your hearing. If you los you face a 40 months suspension and 5 month restricted license.