Florida DUI Attorneys

At some point in our lives we are bound to make a mistake. This is especially true when choosing to partake in substances that can alter your brain such as alcohol or drugs. Sometimes the decisions to use such substances cause people to make poor decisions when it comes to getting behind the wheel of a car, and most of the time these choices lead to a DUI.

It’s understandable that everyone makes mistake. If you understood that what you did was wrong then it is time to take the proper steps to save your name and your license.

Finding a DUI Lawyer in Florida

In Florida it is relatively easy to locate an attorney with experience in defending clients who are being accused of driving under the influence. A quick internet search or look in your local phone directory will grant you a rather long list of possible DUI attorney’s for hire.

One important thing to remember when facing a DUI conviction is that you are not guilty until proven guilty. Many people may want to give up before the trial even begins because the feel there is no possible way to win. Other feel that hiring an attorney is too expensive. However, not hiring an attorney can be even more expensive in the long run after the bill hits you for the fines you will be receiving for your crime, as well as don’t forget that you can also end up with jail time.

Avoiding suspension of drivers license

Once you have found a DUI attorney that will represent you, it is important to act as quickly as possible to prevent your license from being taken away.

How your attorney can fight a DUI charge

The next step is to start compiling a defense. Most excuses for being drunk are not going to go over well with a jury so most of your defense will be based off of mistakes on the part of the law enforcement officer. It is important to remember that alcohol testers do give wrong readings from time to time, and sometimes their operators do not use them correctly either.

You can also use circumstances to help your case. For example if you were pulled over at night you may be able to say that the strobe lights caused you to be disoriented and nauseated. Some Florida law firms will even bring police strobes into the court room to prove how a police cars lights can cause nausea and disorientation when being pulled over at night.

If you did drink and drive it is important to admit that you made a mistake and make the needed adjustments in your life to prevent that from happening again. But just because you made the mistake once does not mean that you need to have your life ruined from it.