How to Fight a DWI in Houston

Everyone makes mistakes in their lives. Granted that getting in front of a wheel while intoxicated is a rather large mistake, you still have the right to a fair trial and the benefit of the doubt when facing your DWI (driving while intoxicated) case in Houston. This is why it becomes almost imperative to contact a DWI Lawyer to help save your name and in many ways your life.

The first step to fighting your DWI in Houston is to hire a lawyer specializes in cases involving defendants who have been suspected of driving under the influence. Notice how the wording did not say convicted of driving under the influence, it stated suspected of driving under the influence.

Next it is important to remember that you have not been found guilty and convicted yet. You may feel that there is no hope, or that you can not afford to fight a conviction. However, can you really not afford to fight? Your DWI will get your licensed removed, cost you thousands of dollars in fines, and could even land you in jail.

Once you have hired your DWI lawyer, you must request a hearing to fight the case. If you do not do this there will be an automatic suspension of your license. You only have fifteen days from the time that you are cited for the offense to file for a hearing or you will lose your license.

Next is to start playing the incident in you head over and over again. In all honestly you will not be able to use any defenses in the way of not knowing that you were drunk, or not realizing that you had too many to drinks during the night. Your hope is that the government somehow failed during your arrest. You must rely on the fact that sometime during the arrest either the drug testing equipment was not operated or recorded correctly, or the officer did something wrong in the process of arresting you.

On top of a fines and or jail term that can result from your DWI in Houston, Texas has also enacted new legislation that allows the Texas department of Public Safety to add a surcharge to your license in any amount up to $2,000 dollars to be charged to you every year for three years. Still can’t afford to fight?

Remember you only have fifteen days to request a hearing so act fast and save your license and your reputation.