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Employment Law

Employment law governs pay and benefits, and severe cases may deal with layoffs, unemployment or physical or mental injury incurred while working. Employers must treat their workers with fairness and equality. The U.S.

Should Your Company Start Using Employee Background Checks?

Thousands of criminals are released from state and federal penitentiaries every day. Many of these criminals will return right back to where they were on the streets doing the same things that they have always done. However, many of these criminals will also try to get reestablished into stable housing, lives, and employment.

Criminal Background Checks

Employers often perform criminal background checks before making a decision to hire you or not hire you. Your hiring or even promotion may depend on information your employer or potential employer obtains from the background check. People applying for jobs, existing employees and even pro bono volunteers may be asked to allow criminal background checks. In fact, for some types of employment, federal or state law stipulates a background check.

California Background Checks

Background checks are a common occurrence when it comes to sensitive, high-security job where trust is of the utmost concern. Nowadays, background checks can be used for much more than job screening, however. There are a number of people that we interact with on very private or secure matters – how can you be sure they’re trustworthy?

Background Checks

When people think about background checks, it usually has to do with getting a new job for security sensitive jobs, like for a teacher. However, in today’s world it can be difficult to know who to trust, and so there are resources for individuals to do background checks on other people with who they have sensitive interactions.

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