Background Checks

When people think about background checks, it usually has to do with getting a new job for security sensitive jobs, like for a teacher. However, in today’s world it can be difficult to know who to trust, and so there are resources for individuals to do background checks on other people with who they have sensitive interactions.

For instance, a tenant might want to do background checks on the landlord prior to moving to a new apartment – and vice versa. Or, a relative of someone recently deceased might want to get background checks on the executor of the deceased’s will. Background checks can even be used to track down long-lost relatives and friends.

Background Checks Available Online

Believe it or not, you don’t have to hire a private investigator or infiltrate a records office to find out a wealth of information about a person. The public records system is America is vast, and well, public – this means there’s a lot of information available if you know where to look. There are a number of Internet websites that know where to look to find the data you’re interested in, and they’ll find it, for a price.

Background Check Packages

The prices for such services vary, but you can expect to pay a minimum of about $15 to dig up basic information on a person, such as verifying their name, their date of birth, aliases, and most recent address and phone information. More detailed plans can cost as much as $200 and include more detailed data. With these plans, you can discover a person’s associations and relatives, property owned, court and civil records, vehicle registrations, and a full criminal background check.

The criminal background check includes details of dates and locations of crimes committed, the nature of the crimes, and any fines or jail time served. All of this information can be very useful in forewarning of you of a person who may be untrustworthy. If you run a background check on a business partner, you might discover a past history of embezzlement or other white-collar crime, and either end the deal or at least be cautious and prepared.

Use Background Checks Carefully

That said, it’s important not to get carried away with this information. Background checks are useful tools, but they don’t tell you a person’s whole life story. Use them as a preemptive tool to shield yourself against dishonesty, but don’t let background checks make you paranoid and mistrust everyone you meet.