California Background Checks

Background checks are a common occurrence when it comes to sensitive, high-security job where trust is of the utmost concern. Nowadays, background checks can be used for much more than job screening, however. There are a number of people that we interact with on very private or secure matters – how can you be sure they’re trustworthy?

California residents looking to learn more about the history of their neighbors, doctors, teachers or anyone else who you need to be able to put your trust in, should consider California background checks. If you’re having work done on your house, you may want to check out the contractor doing the work to make sure he won’t rip you off. Or, if you’re looking for a nanny, a background check may help protect your children. There are a number of reasons to seek out a California background check.

Finding and Using California Background Checks

Getting a California background check is very simple – a number of websites offer the information for a variable fee. Depending on the amount of details you’re looking for, a background check from a site like can range anywhere from $15 to $200. There are many other sites with different package deals – with a little searching, you can find the information you need for the right price.

America’s public records system is very open, and many companies using the massive amounts of information to provide you with information on people who you need to know more about. The most basic California background checks can provide you with information like date of birth, recent and past addresses and phone numbers, and driver’s license information. If you’re willing to pay more, you can find out all sorts of details: court and police records, relatives and roommates of the person in question, employment data… you can even find out if the person has a pilot’s license!

Criminal California Background Checks

One of the most important facets of California background checks is the criminal history. These reports include information about crimes committed by the person in question, the dates and places they occurred, and any penalties paid or jail time served. Finding out that a person is a criminal can be a jarring experience, but it’s important to be aware of if you’re going to trust the person. You could even use California background checks to screen your dates!