Employment Law

Employment law governs pay and benefits, and severe cases may deal with layoffs, unemployment or physical or mental injury incurred while working. Employers must treat their workers with fairness and equality. The U.S. government sets employment standards and signs stating some of the most important laws, such as minimum wage and the legal hourly limit for minors must be posted in places where young people may work. Additionally, workers who deal with dangerous substances must be aware of the dangers and be trained and familiar with safety regulations and standards. If a worker is injured while working, he or she should be compensated for the medical expenses and lost wages. Additionally, all employers must maintain equality employees. Discrimination based on their sex, race, sexual orientation or ethnicity is not permitted and punishable. All rights guaranteed by the first amendment, such as the freedom of speech and religion must be upheld by the employer.

According to the United States Department of Labor, the most frequently dealt with issues include Wages and Hours, Workplace Safety, and Health Unions and Their Members, Employee Protection, Garnishment of Wages, Workers' Compensation, Employee Benefits, Transportation, Construction, and many other areas of concern.

Employment law can often be confusing and complex, though much of the underlying issues may seem like common sense. Problems such as providing equal opportunity employment and ensuring that the minimum wage remains consistent with the cost of living are necessary for a healthy work environment. Some employers will, however, attempt to take advantage of and exploit their workers. This is not tolerated due to the nature of employment to the well being of employees and its impact on the economy.

For those who are not familiar with the legal vernacular of employment law, labor lawyers are available to help interpret the law. Many private firms exist to help individuals, and trade unions usually have one or more lawyers on hand for issues that arise in larger companies.  In the last year, the 9th circuit court of appeals alone saw 95 employment law cases, and six of those cases made it all the way to the Supreme Court. Regulations are being violated every single day.

Do you feel like you are being treated unfairly at work? Has your boss violated a federal employment law?  Learn more about the regulations that were created to protect you and your co-workers on the job by speaking to a Labor Lawyer.