Should Your Company Start Using Employee Background Checks?

Thousands of criminals are released from state and federal penitentiaries every day. Many of these criminals will return right back to where they were on the streets doing the same things that they have always done. However, many of these criminals will also try to get reestablished into stable housing, lives, and employment.

It could be a good thing to hire someone who has just been released from prison and help them start back on the right track. However, wouldn’t you want to know about the fact before hand? What if right now, at this very moment, you have been employing a past serial rapist, pedophile, or even murderer at your place of work? Even if you are ok with this, how do you think your other employees and customers would feel about this if they found out?

This is why it is imperative that with each new candidate you do an employee background check. You may be thinking to yourself that a background check is going to be an extra hassle in staying staffed, or it is going to cost too much money. In all honesty can you afford not to do one on potential employment candidates?

It really is quite easy to set up a service, and to make it even better most of the work is done by either the organization you are paying to do the background check, or the person you are getting the check done for.

A simple employment background check can reveal to you driving records, court records, and incarceration records, all of which are good to know when hiring a new employee. Are you going to want to hire someone with eight unpaid speeding tickets to drive an ice cream truck? Would you hire a thief to run the till of your store? Probably not.

Seeking knowledge of the backgrounds of those who work for you is not a bad thing. You may feel that you are spying into their lives, or being untrusting, but would you really want to so easily trust someone who has been convicted of a crime, especially a violent one?

If you are ready to start implementing employment background checks in your business today you can start by hiring an outside employment check provider. This will allow you to run your business without having to worry about who is working for you and how they could potentially harm your business.