Divorce Attorneys Virginia

Preparing yourself for a divorce in Virginia is a daunting task. Finding the right divorce attorney in Virginia to help you through that process can seem almost as daunting.

The first thing you need to understand is that no attorney can guarantee the absolute success of a case in or out of court. Having an attorney in whom you trust will help you personally and help make the process go more smoothly. Some of the more basic aspects you should consider when selecting your attorney include areas of practice, experience within the jurisdiction, number of divorce cases handled, and the lawyer’s own legal philosophy.

Areas of Practice

Make sure you have a clear idea of what you need in a lawyer. Once you know what you need, you can then decide whether you want a lawyer who only has domestic relations experience, or whether you need one with a more diverse practice. For example, in a case wherein there are allegations of spousal abuse, and you need advice on a protective order or other possible proceedings, you’d want a lawyer who is well-versed and experienced in both criminal and domestic relations law practice.

Experience Within the Jurisdiction

It is vital that your attorney practice within the jurisdiction where your divorce will be filed. Many lawyers in Northern Virginia practice in many different courts throughout the area, but some have very localized practices. Ask questions and make sure they regularly appear where you’ll be appearing.

This is important because an attorney familiar with a particular court’s procedures and rules can keep things moving efficiently, and your lawyer will be more likely to be familiar with any judges involved in the case and help you to know what to expect.

Number of Divorce Cases Handled

Consider how many cases the lawyer has handled. Be advised that years of practice doesn’t mean they’re necessarily out there in court resolving cases.

Your Lawyer’s Legal Philosophy:

Another important thing to consider is the philosophy of the attorney you’ll be working with. It is important for your comfort throughout the process. If you are in a difficult and contested divorce, think about the type of lawyer you’d want on your side. It also matters if your divorce is amicable. If you choose an attorney who is a pit-bull in litigation, they may not serve you well in a collaborative divorce, whereas they’d star in a bitterly contested divorce.