Divorce Lawyer

If you are headed toward divorce, you have some very important decisions ahead of you. Arguably first and foremost of these is deciding which divorce lawyer to hire. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a divorce lawyer.

How Much Experience Does the Lawyer Have?

Any lawyer you consider for handling your own divorce should not only have a substantial amount of experience at handling divorce cases, but also be experienced at handling divorce cases where you live. It is a distinct advantage to have a lawyer who not only knows the law, but has worked with the judges you may face and has a sense of how they may conduct the case. The lawyer should practice primarily divorce law, as divorce law is very specialized and there are more than enough cases in any jurisdiction to keep divorce lawyers busy.

How Satisfied Are the Divorce Lawyer’s Previous Clients?

The best way to choose a divorce lawyer is through a referral by an extremely satisfied customer. If you don’t know anyone in your situation who is thrilled with their divorce lawyer, ask the lawyer for a list of clients of theirs. You can then contact them and have them describe their experience with, and satisfaction with, the lawyer.

How Well Do You Communicate With the Lawyer?

Unhappy clients are usually the result of poor communication between the lawyer and the client. It is very important that your lawyer be accessible, and that your lawyer also respond promptly to you calls, emails and requests for a meeting. You can ask the lawyer about their office policy, and speak to former clients, in order to get an idea of whether this particular lawyer will be right for you.

Fees the Lawyer Charges

Be sure you know whether you will be charged a fee for the initial consultation with the divorce lawyer. Some divorce lawyers do the initial consultation for free. Most experienced divorced lawyers will charge between one and two hundred dollars for the initial consultation, or bill their hourly rate.

It is important that you find out their hourly rate, as if you hire them, you’ll be paying it. Also find out what the up front retainer is, and whether any unused portion is refundable. Also find out if you can expect to receive detailed itemized invoices from the firm.

Your Comfort Level

An often-overlooked, but vital aspect you should consider: are you comfortable with your lawyer? Your case is too important to hire someone who doesn’t fill you with confidence.