Michigan Divorce Law

When you got married, whether months or years or decades ago, you never thought that your union would last any less time than forever. Unfortunately, almost half of all marriages fail, and so if you find yourself in the position of seeking a Michigan divorce, you need to be prepared for how to proceed and what you should expect along the way. To avoid a long and painfully messy legal situation, you should inform yourself early on so that some semblance of sanity can be maintained during this very trying time.

A lawyer goes a long way

The first step you should take when it looks as though you will imminently separate from your spouse is to obtain legal representation. You and your spouse can choose to be represented by the same lawyer, or you can each choose separate representation. In either case, the road to your Michigan divorce will be made far smoother once an impartial individual is handling your case and helping to sort out what must be done to legal separate all of your interests from those of your spouse. Once you have retained an attorney, it is time to start gathering documentation to prepare to seek your Michigan divorce. Important documentation to consider includes any prenuptial agreements that may have been signed, as well as any other forms of agreements that related to the separation of joint assets. Next, you will need to put together documentation that represents a complete picture of your joint finances, as well as any individual financial information you may possess. Before a court can determine who gets what as the outcome of a divorce, every penny needs to be documented, spanning the length of your marriage.

Previous documents can save a lot of hassle

Next, you need to gather any documentation that may affect the grounds that you use to seek your Michigan divorce. If there is any evidence of fraud, mental incompetence or marital unfaithfulness, it needs to be fully documented. Further, if you and your spouse have reached any agreement prior to retaining legal counsel over how your tangible and intangible assets will be divided, this needs to be documented as well. In the case of custody, anything relevant to the care of your children needs to be documented so that reasonable decisions can be reached for the future. It may seem daunting to seek a Michigan divorce, but with the guidance of your attorney as well as careful documentation, the process can run very smoothly and quickly.