Family Law Attorney in Orange County

Thousands of couples marry in Orange County every week. That means that every week two people come together and enter in an agreement that in most cases will at some point in time need the assistance of a family law attorney in Orange County, Florida. This is because at any point from the marriage itself through to dissolution of marriage if one is needed, problems and legal issues will arise.

What is a Family Attorney?

A family law attorney is an attorney who specifically specializes in conflicts that arise due to the union of two people. This conflict does not necessarily have to do with a marriage bond as with the moving of society, there are now included civil unions and domestic partnerships.

Initial job of a Family Attorney

The first issues that arise within a union that would need the assistance of a family law attorney in Orange County usually present themselves in the beginning of the process with either prenuptial agreements or figuring out how to legally become partners without marriage through a union or domestic partnership. This can be between a man and a woman, but involvement of an attorney outside of prenuptials is much more frequent in couples between a man and a man or a woman and woman and the legal difficulties that arise as such.

Legal issues during partnership

The next time period that family law usually comes into play is within the context of the union itself. Many issues can make themselves known during the marriage such as spousal abuse, adoption, child abuse, and even child abduction. This is where the services of a Florida law attorney in Orange County becomes even more crucial as the lives of one of the spouse or children may be in danger and legal intervention is needed immediately in most cases.

In the case of divorce

The final point in time that you would need a Florida law attorney as part of your union is the dissolving of the union itself. This is especially important when joint property has been owned or the couple has decided to have children. The Orange County attorney can then help with annulment, divorce, alimony, property settlements, child custody, and a host of other things that come as a result of the dissolution of the union or marriage. Finding a Florida family law attorney in Orange County is a rather easy process as long as you take the time to be sure that they are competent and will represent you in the best way possible.