Family Law

Whenever a divorce happens, or an adoption takes place, or even spousal abuse occurs, the most likely leg of the legal system that is going to intervene is family law. Family law consists of anything that has to do with family. That means marriage, family, siblings, paternity, maternity, legitimacy, adoption, and pretty much anything that involves a family matter in the court system is ran by and judged through family law.

Family Law at the beginning

The first area that family law intervenes in is the beginnings of a partnership of two individuals. Normally someone would say marriage, but recent legal cases in the last few decades have expanded the term from only marriage between a man and a woman to civil unions as well as partnerships.

New areas of Family Law

It has also expanded the definition in many states from between a man and woman to between a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman. In this arena family law would cover such things as prenuptial agreements, marriage validity, and any other acts surrounding the act of unity between two people

How Family Law is involved druring marriage

The next area family law incorporates is issues that evolve during a marriage. This is anything that happens while the couple is still married or in a legal union of some kind. These types of issues include spousal abuse, legitimacy of a child within the relationship, issues of infidelity, child abuse, and even child abduction.

Family Law at the end

The final area that family law is involved in is the termination of a relationship. In most circumstances this has to do with divorce, but can also include legal separation and the issues that arise accordingly. These issues can include child support decisions as well as the collection of past due child support, alimony, property settlements, the seeing through of a prenuptial agreement and the problem of child custody.

Wide array of disciplines

As you can see many of these cases involve overlapping areas of law. Someone who practices family law must also be fluent in criminal law, as in the case of child abuse, residential law, as in the case of property settlements, wills and estates, as well as in some cases business law. Family law is an important sector of our legal system. Without it, it would be nearly impossible to settle all the disputes and legal circumstances that can arise with any union between two people.