Family Lawyer Houston

Every day many people in the Houston area decide to make their relationships official by entering into a union one to anther. This union can potentially be a wonderful and rewarding endeavor full of happiness and success. However, in most cases, during some point in the union, issues arise that may need to be litigated or mediated by a family lawyer in Houston.

What does a Family Lawyer do?

A Houston family lawyer is someone who practices family law. Family law encompasses any and all issues surrounding the legal union of two people whether it be in marriage, a civil union, or a domestic partnership. Each type of union and each season of the union comes with its unique challenges. The first time of a union in which a Houston family lawyer may be necessary is during the act of the union itself. For the traditional married couple the most common legal service during this time is a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is when the two sides of the couple that are about to become one union decide before hand exactly how the assets of each individual will be divided if for some reason the union does not work out. A prenuptial agreement is especially recommend in a case where one or both sides of the union own a significant amount of assets and as such need them protected.

Family Law during a marriage

The next area in which a family lawyer may need to intervene in a union is during the union itself. Unfortunately issues such as child abuse and domestic violence are rampant in society. As such these cases become a large part of a family lawyers case load in Houston. A family lawyer can also be involved during this time in adoption, surrogacy, and legitimacy.

Divorce and Family Law

The final area in which a family lawyer will need to become involved within a union is during the dissolving of a marriage. Many statistics state that nearly fifty percent or more of unions will end in divorce. This is when it becomes imperative to hire a family lawyer to help you navigate through the Houston divorce system. This is also a time where a lawyer may need to help in property settlements, alimony, parental responsibility, and child custody and visitation rights. A family lawyer may also need to step in after the divorce proceeding to enforce custody agreements or child support payments when needed. Unfortunately many legal issues resulting from a union do not end with signed divorce papers.