Family Lawyer in Ontario

In Ontario a couple has the choice of getting married either in a civil ceremony or through a religious service. They may also choose to have a union through a marriage contract. However, a union in any of these ways does not guarantee that the marriage will go as plan and not need some type of intervention from a family lawyer in Ontario. All marriages and unions have problems. Some of these problems can be solved through both sides of the couples coming together in understanding and compromise, while other may require the service of a family lawyer.

Ontario Family Law

Family law encompasses a wide variety of circumstances that can happen during a union. The first of these circumstances are criminal acts on the part of one or both parties. A family lawyer will be needed in this case if there are issues of domestic violence or child abuse within the home. In Ontario these violations are not tolerated and as such should be and will be taken care of by a court of law.

Separation and Divorce in Ontario

Another service of a family lawyer can be during a trial separation period. Even if you feel that you can mediate on your own, there may be some circumstances in which a family lawyer could be helpful. Such circumstances include being a mediator or arbitrator, using collaborative family law, or drafting a separation agreement. If a separation is still not working and there is a realization that the union is destined to fail regardless of your efforts to save it, a family lawyer can also help with a divorce. The only ways to qualify for a divorce in Ontario are: being separated for a year, proving that your spouse was sexually unfaithful to you, or showing proof that your spouse has been physically or emotionally abusive to you. After you have proven that a divorce is necessary a family lawyer can help you draft up and file the necessary documents to make your divorce legal and final. At this point your family lawyer can help litigate such issues as alimony, property settlements, child support, child custody, and any other issues that have arisen due to the divorce.

Finding a Family Lawyer in Ontario

When looking for a lawyer to represent you, be sure that they have adequate experience in the area of family law. Family law encompasses many aspects of the legal system and so having someone who has a large amount of experience in the field will guarantee you the best results possible during this emotionally trying time.