Family Lawyer

There is always a shortage of lawyers that can help with legal issues related to a family. This is a great career to get into considering that not only is it financially rewarding but it is also personally rewarding as well.

Practicing Family Law

Practicing family law is working with any legal issues that arise from not only a marriage but more and more frequently from civil unions and domestic partnerships. Your job as a family lawyer is to represent these clients and mediate or fight for their issues in private meetings or in a court room.

The main chapters of Family Law

Family law consists of three main parts, the act of a union, the time during a union, and the dissolving of a union. Each part may require the specific type of legal assistance from a lawyer who specializes in family law. The first involvement can come during the actually act of a union. Services rendered during this time are most commonly prenuptial agreements, or in the case of same sex couples or couple who want to have the rights of a married couple but not actually be legally married, challenging the legality or fighting for the legality of such relationships. The next stage of involvement for a family lawyer involves legal issues arising within the union. These legal problems may be issues with domestic violence, child abuse, adoption, surrogacy, and legitimacy of a child. In this arena of law you will not only be practicing family law but you may also have to be experienced with criminal law, especially in a case of child abuse or domestic violence. The final time during a union when family law is involved is during the dissolution of a union. This is the time in which you will be helping your clients by filing divorce papers, mediating property settlements, helping determine parental responsibility, as well as litigating child custody, child support, and visitation rights.

Decision to be a Family Lawyer

If this seems like a career field you would be interested your first step is obtaining a bachelors degree from a four year college. After that point you must apply and be accepted to a law school and then pass the BAR in the state in which you wish to practice family law. At that point you will be able to spend the rest of your time focusing on helping spouses and their children for the rest of your career as a family lawyer.