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Personal Injury Law

Injuries occur each and every day in the United States. Some of the injuries are accidents that are not anyone’s fault, but others are accidents that have the potential to be criminal. Many cases of personal injury law that end up in the court room are medical malpractice cases, slip and fall accidents, and sometimes situations where gross negligence was the factor causing the accident.

Personal Injury Settlement

As usual, maximizing your benefits from a personal injury settlement requires tremendous amounts of research. Simply choosing a lawyer off of a commercial or billboard is going to leave you wondering if you couldn't have done better. First and foremost, chat with friends and acquaintances that have had experience with these types of personal injury settlement lawyers. Remember that you don't want to just settle for the first thing that comes along.

Notable Car Accidents on I-95

Since I-95 is the primary interstate route on the east coast, it’s no surprise that it’s seen a number of accidents, large and small. It’s a primary route for Florida-bound vacation goers, and for tractor-trailer drivers moving goods up and down the coast, so the car accident on I-95 total must be massive. There’ve been a number of notable incidents along the route that have led to multiple fatalities, lengthily reconstruction projects and travel delays. Read on to learn more about some of these incidents.

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