Car Accident Injury in Maine

It’s a simple fact of life: accidents happen.  While some accident situations can be avoided, some are simply unavoidable.  Regardless, accidents always seem to occur at the most inopportune times.  Even more unfortunately, accidents involving motor vehicles often involve injuries.  If you have suffered a Maine car accident injury, there are some important steps that you need to follow to be properly compensated and made whole.

Get checked out by a medical professional

First, following your Maine car accident injury, it is imperative to seek adequate medical treatment immediately.  If you choose not to seek treatment, it is unlikely that you will be entitled to any compensation for your injury.  Instead, you should seek not only one but several medical opinions regarding your injury.  Directly following your accident, you will seek emergency medical treatment that will determine the extent of your Maine car accident injury and prescribe the initial care necessary for this occurrence.  You should follow up this emergency care with a visit to your trusted medical provider.  Upon your second consultation, the extent of your injuries will be evaluated and revised if necessary.  In addition, any follow-up or long term plans of treatment should be discussed.

Document the entire accident and following events

Second, the most important thing you can do beyond receiving medical care is to document every aspect of your Maine car accident injury.  The first form of documentation you will need is the police report that was taken directly following the accident.  In addition, you should compose your own narrative describing the occurrence of the accident from your own viewpoint, to the fullest extent that you remember.  Whenever you consult with a medical professional regarding your Maine car accident injury, the findings of that appointment should be documented, not only from your own viewpoint but also by your chosen medical professional as well.  These medical records will be your best friend when you seek compensation for your injury.

Finally, you need to act proactively at every juncture following your Maine car accident injury.  Once you have received adequate medical care and begun creating a paper trail, you can begin researching what compensation you may be entitled to, whether in the form of paying your medical bills or actual monetary pay outs.  Talk to your car insurance carrier to see what may be covered under your own policy.  If another person has caused your Maine car accident injury, contact their car insurance carrier to determine their levels of coverage.  You can also contact your health insurance carrier to determine what they may cover.  Through the coordination of various plans, you will be able to reach an adequate settlement for your Maine car accident injury.