Michigan Car Accidents

Being involved in a Michigan car accident can be a very trying time in your life. Whether the accident occurred because of negligence or simply as an unavoidable incident, it can be equally stressful. In order to recover from your accident and to receive the compensation to which you are entitled for damage to your vehicle or injury to yourself or your vehicle’s other occupants, it is necessary to follow several very important steps.

Document everything

First, ensure that you obtain adequate documentation at the scene of the accident. Pay very careful attention as the police report is written and filed, so that it contains all of the relevant information to the accident. Compose your own narrative following the accident, so that you can capture your memories of the occurrence while it is still fresh in your mind. If you had any other occupants in your vehicle, ask them to compose narratives as well, and as soon as possible following the occurrence. If any witnesses observed your Michigan car accident, have the police document their presence, including their names and contact information. Inquire as to whether the police in that area routinely gather statements from witnesses. If they gather a statement, obtain a copy for your own records. If no statement is taken, ask the witnesses to compose and sign narratives stating their recollections of what they observed. If necessary, have their statements notarized.

It's important to get medical attention

Second, immediately obtain any medical help that may be necessary for yourself or other occupants of your vehicle. You will need to document any findings of injuries as well as any treatment plans that are discussed. Following your visit to the emergency room, you should also seek the advice of your chosen medical professional, to determine if any further long-term treatments are necessary. Some injuries may not show up until a day or two after the accident, and it is necessary for your chosen medical professional to document those as soon as they are detected.

Find out what options you have

Finally, begin to research your own car and health insurance coverage, as well as the coverage of any other motorist involved in your Michigan car accident. If you are not at fault in the occurrence, the other motorist’s insurance should also bear the brunt of covering any losses caused by the accident. If they are uninsured, your own insurance may cover losses, and you will also be able to seek recovery versus the other motorist personally outside of insurance coverage.