Notable Car Accidents on I-95

Since I-95 is the primary interstate route on the east coast, it’s no surprise that it’s seen a number of accidents, large and small. It’s a primary route for Florida-bound vacation goers, and for tractor-trailer drivers moving goods up and down the coast, so the car accident on I-95 total must be massive. There’ve been a number of notable incidents along the route that have led to multiple fatalities, lengthily reconstruction projects and travel delays. Read on to learn more about some of these incidents.

The Mianus River Collapse

One major car accident on I-95, one of the first big ones recorded, occurred in the Connecticut stretch of the interstate in 1983. A section of the Mianus River bridge collapsed under the weight of two heavy trucks and a single car, resulting in 3 casualties and 3 seriously injured people. Fortunately, the accident occurred late at night when traffic was minimal. It turns out that the cause of the accident was that the supports had been rusted, and inspection resources simply weren’t adequate to detect the problem in time. The reconstruction cost the state over $20,000,000 and took 6 months to fix.

A Car Accident on I-95 in Pennsylvania

Another big car accident on I-95 occurred in May of 1996 in Chester, Pennsylvania. In this incident, a tractor-trailer carrying gasoline from a Texaco refinery lost control and crossed through the barrier into oncoming traffic, hitting a pickup truck head-on. This car accident on I-95 claimed the lives of both drivers and also spawned a massive fire that completely destroyed a large piece of a bridge. The supports to the bridge remained undamaged, however, so the road was able to repaired in just a few months, just in time for the 4th of July.

A Plane Crashes Onto I-95

Perhaps the most interesting car accident on I-95 wasn’t a car accident at all. Just less than a year ago, in September of 2007, a man by the name of Bob Roberts crashed a small plane into the shoulder of I-95. The crash occurred just after initial takeoff, and deposited the man on the road just outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Miraculously, the pilot was found sitting, injured but alive, in the cockpit of the otherwise completely destroyed aircraft. One can imagine even those who have seen every kind of car accident on I-95 did a double take upon seeing a crashed plane on the road.